When you say yes to YOU, you say HELLO to the world.

Introducing I OWE...the only 1:1 four week program, to give back to yourself.

Connect to live well

Nutrition & Movement are so key, but I'm here to share why your mind is your biggest wellness advocate and why your body & soul will thank you for your action.

who am I to be gorgeously free?

My name is Nicola Goodhew

I am a Mother of three incredible young people and two step sons. Blissfully married to Simon and super proud & grateful for my Parents. 

I am a Health & Wellness Coach, A Writer and Creative. I'm passionate about personal development & spirituality and I embrace a stylish, quirky bohemian lifestyle. 

Colour & Peacocks frame my day and being authentic, compassionate & loving, lead my way. Did I mention that "fun" is my middle name and change is my constant...

Why I am Gorgeously Free

IT'S TAKEN A LIFETIME but finally I have learn't to listen to my SOUL.  Way more powerful than my heart but it still required getting out of my head. I do what feels good and I work with ease and flow and grace. I'm here to support other's to feel the same in every aspect of their lives.

Be Gentle to yourself

Finding that soft space to land that never compromises your confidence & keeps you kind & compassion to yourself. This is my intention.

For that reason our work together is one to one, safe, intimate and with true empathy.

Court Creativity

I believe everyone is a heart-centred  creative. Part of my gift is to help you find yours.

How to feel free

Bring yourself in to the space, energy and emotion that makes you feel really good. From this space magic happens and anything is possible. Find out more about my latest 30 day program. Soul Truth School.

About me, for you


Colour & beauty define shape & substance. I love to play & flow. Finding what makes you feel gorgeously free is my mission.


Without this we have nothing. Learning to find our optimal, at any age. Being open to all our senses and listening to our body.


We won't get anywhere standing still. This is the Quest for your life. Filled with fun & curiosity. Experience beauty inside & out.

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Nicola Goodhew