clarity for aligning soul desires with energy & listening to your body, for optimal results to lead

Foundational gifts wrapped in energy

Mindset Magic

The boss babe in the mirror looking back at you knowing her worth, her pleasure & her passion. Taking a stand for her own personal leadership and owning her traits & talents with pride.

Body Whispers

Respecting this incredible container of life & vitality knowing our time  for greatness is limited. Not ignoring the signs of exhaustion & stress or compounding the problems. Collaborting positively with peri & menopause.

Soul Craves

Leaning in to our wisdom & hearing our soul speak so it can sing. Knowing that what we know- we can be, do & have. Respecting our masculine energy but really landing in our feminine to nourish, nurture & flourish.

Are you a coach or creative ready to revisit these basics?

I am Nikki your lifestyle navigator

My name is Nicola but Nikki is Good (HEW)

I am a Mother of three incredible young people and two step sons. Blissfully married to Simon and am truly grateful for amazing parents, family & friends.

I am a Health & Wellness Coach, a writer, creative & visionary. Oodles of life experience combined with qualifications & knowledge in Nursing, Life Coaching, Management, Reiki  & Essential Oils.

I'm passionate about health & well-being, personal development and leadership & spirituality.  I embrace a stylish, quirky bohemian lifestyle and am confident in expressing myself. 

Colour & Peacocks frame my day and being authentic, compassionate & loving, lead my way. 

Being open to the lighter side of life and spreading joy is important to me.

What I am

Enthusiastic. Passionate. Quirky. Fun. Loving. Intuitive. Feminine. Creative.

Why I am proud to lead

At 55 I am arriving at 'know thy self.  This is however a work in progress, loving the daily learning & experiences that fuel my way. Wisdom is a wonderful thing but Leadership requires perspective from the every day lens of life. Grateful to have 3 of my own Millenials who constantly teach me and take my breathe away at how they can plan & execute seamlessly.

Intuitive Leadership

Finding the confidence to know this is my time, to feel deserving and to be much more than enough. Listening to my whole body and taking those feeling thoughts & perspectives, to the next effort.

Being OK with getting it wrong

Whoa, so many experiences in here particularly learning that there is no shame in failing when these lesson become so valuable. Over the last four years I have done everything but face the fear of the one thing I said no to in Business. The one thing that was gold all along and will chance my life and many others. We will off course look at this powerful journey in more detail, together through our work.

Big shout out to Masculine but loving the feminine

Love Men, especially mine. Thank god for competition, to do lists, structure, strategy and excel spreadsheets. Our Masculine qualities help us to be and do more. It's just that in work & life it has taken us women down a path we no longer are so willing  to wander.

Us women need to embrace our intuition, care, compassion, empathy, creativity & passion. To receive more compliments, feel  much more than enough and to feel fabulous in our skins, for ourselves first, before anyone else.

TEll me about you now & what you need

lead your work, your passion, your family, your love, your legacy. Lead Life on your terms, today.

What makes this work different & true

It's not about Business

This is the prep on you. The missing or forgotten pieces. The foundations that up to know have de-railed you, made you question everything, burn't you out exerting energy in all the wrong places.

When you are ready I am happy to refer you on to some of the best Coaches in the world who will support you in growing your clients list & visibility. 

This is about you first.

It's about authenticity & respect for you, my client.

Acknowledging that it takes courage, time & commitment to stand up to be ready to make the transformation that our work together will result in, and to give you 100%

To not state the 'bleedin obvious"or up-sell you to the next thing before completion. To not blind you to what each piece of my work is valued at.

You measure the value by your results.

The prospect of sleeping well

Sleep can be the barometer to our lifestyle choices. Ok so age does play a part but when you are listening to your body's whispers and taking action, that really helps. Added to that, having confidence & clarity around what motivate's your behaviours and fuels your actions. Finally, when you are living through your soul's desires and what you genuinely crave you are more you.

Then your sleep will be nourishing, your mind clear, your body optimised & your soul on fire enabling  you to create the business of your dreams.

Navigate forward with me

Start as you mean to go on in 2019

Working 1:1, that's you & me only on the 3 foundations:

  • Mindset Magic
  • Body Whispers
  • Soul Craves

Whether you are a new Coach, Entrepreneur or Creative OR already experienced but in need MOT  (mindful operational tweaks) then this is for you.

Delivered over internet totally around your lifestyle.

If you have got this far and it's not a HELL YES then we are unlikely to be a good fit, at this stage.

I'm looking for women who want much more from themselves and are ready & willing to do what it takes to personally lead themselves to achieve that.

info & investment

Connect today, life is short & precious

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Functional Feminine Leadership

No fluff, no patronising no stating the bleedin obvious

Nikki Goodhew