Botanical Buddies

Inviting the Ladies of Devon

It's TIME for FUN, FOCUS and a FEEL GOOD you can own with pride & conviction.

Maybe you have been:

  • Giving your power away
  • Been far to much in your masculine and forgotten how to tap into your feminine
  • Said YES too many times when you meant NO
  • Become best buddies with 'SHOULD'
  • Sneaked a peak and the "REAL YOU" and actually really liked how you felt
  • Been derailed by what people might think
  • Forgotten who you were mean't to be

These are the reasons I have put Botanical Buddies together. As a Coach I know you are here to live a Heart-And-Soul-Led Life. Sometimes this requires courage & love to triumph over fear. So often our fears are  the gatekeepers to our greatest gifts and they keep us locked down. The more resistance we have to answering a call, the more important it is for our soul's growth.

Together we can turn in to it, tap in to what turns us on, set the rules on fire and live as the badass truest version of ourselves that we were born to be. NOT some construct of what we believe everyone else wants us to be.

Community empowers us and makes us feel that we are not alone and that it is OK to be DIFFERENT. So here's why you need to sign up for Botanical Buddies.

You are personally mentored and introduced  to in cute kit of three gorgeous essential oils with oodles of education on applications. 

You are invited to weekly Facebook Lives were you receive interactive Coaching.

Soul Prompt's regularly showing up in your inbox or on messenger.

Information on beautiful Botanical Teas to aid your wellness & soul led journey.

One evening meet up to share the delights of a Devon Gin, learn a little bit more about it and share, stories, stories & celebrations of your time with Botanical Buddies ( place to be confirmed but the date will be Friday 18th August. You pay for your own drinks, but there will be a surprise BONUS).

Botanical Buddies starts on 16th July and you need to sign up by the button below.

Payment in full required ONLY £155

Botanical Buddies


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Invest in what your Soul Desires and stop wasting one more minute NOT living with your fullest & truest expression.

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