Welcome. This is the space to Be rather than to seem

About The Intensive Day

We have it all the wrong way round

We have learn't to seem rather than to be. We have gotten so good at this, now we don't know who we are, what we want, what's important or how to bring it all together to make it real.

You need action, lights, camera!

Not really... Just me- Nikki Goodhew, Holistic Lifestyle Coach but you do need fuel & flow, and maybe a small spot-light!?  I have this, and you. This is the beauty of an Intensive, everything you need to light the fire and oodles of support and nurturing, to keep it burning on, after the event. This is an intimate transformative day. You will find this uplifting, energising & inspirational.

The Real Deal

You are buying into an experience. One that brings you back to simplicity, conscious natural choices and a gateway to your own personal freedom.

The day is totally styled around you and based on everything we have discussed in your 45 minute PRE-CONSULT CALL whilst  honouring your needs, hopes & desires. Delivering possibility & high vibe intent in a beautiful environment conducive to empowerment. 

Who is this premium package for

Busy People

Creatives, Consultants, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Coaches,

Women on the Rise

Who are the bubble in the champagne glass.

Who have had enough of not enough.

Who crave more.

Who have high expectations.

That require results.


New Mum, Return to work Mum, Tired Mum, Itchy feet Mum, Mum who needs more, Always a Mum, Quiet Nest Mum.

What's in it for you? A way to:

Ditch the Drama

Be Real

Focus on what matters

Nail down your Purpose & Passion

Get clarity on your Desire's

Flirt with Creativity

Choices to inform

How does it happen

Over one day in either Exeter, East Devon or London. 10-4pm with a 45 mins break for a healthy lunch, shared together and included in the price.

Where in the World are you?

Skype or Zoom is possible but with a reduced price point and time input ( 4hours with an hour break in middle) as not such a intense experience but still effective.

Consult Call

Once you are all signed up we have a 45 minute call which is really thorough, detailed & nosy in order to totally create & stylise your day, around you. We then schedule your day & prepare.

Holistic Care

Because I am working with the whole of you, your health, wellness and spirituality plays a big part. I will introduce & tailor  essential oils that resonate with you emotionally and support your health needs. Reiki & Creative Visualisation are also offered to enhance your practice & to start where you're at.

How do I do what I do

I have had a vested interest in Personal Development for over 20 years. I am a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and have worked with Clients around the world. I am a Reiki Practitioner and practising Registered General Nurse. I am here to learn what I teach and teach what I learn. 


In exchange for the  6 hours together the 45 minute call before the day and a 45  minute follow up call up to 21 days after. The Investment is £1750. A payment plan is possible with a £500 deposit. However, there is a surprise awesome bonus for those that pay in full.

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