Sacral Soul Love

Here's what working on your Sacral Soul Love is, not

A quick fix. A short period of time. Cheap. Full of things you already know. Your everyday package.

Who is it for

Anyone with a pulse an an ache for being more than they are without totally changing.

Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Mums, Visionaries, Those that fancy having a go and truly being themselves rather than the facade thy expertly produce.

What makes it different

Imagine having your own concierge, coach, wing-woman, energy healer, comic, stylist, relationship expert, wellness tout, creative, badass, intuitive leader, spiritual guide and smile orchestrator- in your pocket, just totally there for YOU. Jeez- the possibilities.

No lack only love

I'm done with all the excuses, that is so last year! So don't be giving me a lack of time or money because this is an investment in YOU and there is nothing cheap or limiting about YOU, right!?!

So yes it is £3000 for the next 4 months of your life because together that's what it/we are worth. More importantly its the person you have been waiting for and the one  getting in touch with your SACRAL SOUL LOVE will reveal to you.

What is Sacral Soul Love

It's running (with arms outstretched) towards the creative, brilliant inspirational women you are with clarity, confidence and certainty that you will bring the energy, love and compassion required at any time. The ability to receive and give immense joy & pleasure just by being you.


By finding out so much about you absolutely adore receiving your personalised mail, no matter where you are in the world. For those four months you will actually feel like I am living with you, without actually stepping foot in your home. This is the next level of experience that your investment totally buys you in to. Beyond service when your soul is aligning.

4 months of personalised digital connection to each other, totally lifestyle ready.

If however you require face to face interaction this is off course possible at an additional cost dependent on availability & accessibility.

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